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Cawfee Tawk

Discuss amongst Yaselves

The Time to Talk Place to Talk.
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This, is a community devoted to talking. Because, talk is good. It really is, don't even lie and say it isn't. There's somethings that you really can't think on your own, shouldn't think on your own, want to talk to for added perspective, or for flexing your argumentative muscles. Whatever position you hold, here it be, talk it here.
Here's the rules, botches. If you don't like them, talk to me. Rules are made to be broken, and I'd be defying this community if I wasn't willing to give you a chance, right?

1. Upon joining, you must post a topic. Just a topic, it doesn't really matter. However, if it's something that can't be discussed, we'll end up discussing your poor topic. ;P
2. All members must post on all topics, even if it's only to say that you disagree with the topic itself. It's ok if you don't think eating babies is proper talk, just make sure to say so. It's about being opinionated.
3. You are given one "call out" a week. Starting at 12 a.m Sunday morning. That's where the week starts. In this "call out," you pick something that's come up in your discussion, a disagreement with another user, and duke it out on a post. From the reply to the call out, you're given one day to have at it, using whatever means neccesary. After the allotted 24 hour period, discussion is closed. Then, I'll lump it all into one post for all to read, and everyone will make one comment on it, stating who they think "won," and why. This is only for bragging rights, and to facilitate you would-be debaters, so have fun.
4. Don't make it personal. I'm serious. When the topic floats into flaming, I'm gonna box you up, got it? Attack the ideas, not the person presenting them. Example: "You're a fucking idiot" isn't a proper reply. "Your ideas are unfounded because..." is. In the case that it gets too heated, and members start becoming irrational with anger, they are barred from the discussion. Just a preventative measure, don't want any E-letter bombs going around.
5. You must post at least once a week. It's understandable if you're vacationing, don't have time, etc. But if you're just too lazy to step up, don't touch the other posts. Gotta give to get, rule of the road. 8P
6. You are highly encouraged to not limit the discussion to arguement. Art critiking, poetry readings, discussion of reading, popular media, etc. are very reasonable topics. It's to talk.
7. If you want to open up, why the hell not? If you need advice, the group can consolidate to help you. I'm aiming for a family/friend/rival atmosphere.
8. There will be no bannings, or rejections, save very extreme circumstances. Really. Everyone has something to offer.

And that's it. Have fun.